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ELM Systems CMM

Cell-Con H-15 Horizontal Machining Center


ISO Certified CNC Machine Shop

Tazewell Machine Works, Inc. utilizes a cutting-edge CNC machine shop to deliver your finished aluminum sand castings with precision ISO 9001:2015 certified tolerances. Our streamlined CNC facility is outfitted with a range of vertical and horizontal machining centers, as well as advanced lathes, layout equipment, and water testing technology.

Precision CNC Machined Products – From Foundry to Machine Shop to Delivery

Our state-of-the-art CNC machining facility allows Tazewell Machine Works to deliver your ISO certified aluminum sand castings with unbeatable efficiency in both production cost and turnaround time. Equipped with some of the manufacturing industry’s most advanced CNC machining equipment, our casting and pattern making services allow us to deliver rough aluminum sand cast products machined to your exact specifications.

Our ISO certified CNC machine shop is outfitted with a range of precision manufacturing equipment, including:

Vertical Machining Centers

(3)  HAAS VF-6,  64″ X Travel, 32″ Y Travel
(8)  HAAS VF-3,  40″ X Travel, 20″ Y Travel
(1)  Comet 750,  38″ X Travel, 18″ Y Travel

Horizontal Machining Centers

(2)  HAAS EC-1600, 64″ X Travel, 40″ Y Travel
(1)  HAAS HS-1, 24″ X Travel, 20″ Y Travel


(2)  HAAS SL-30,  CNC 10″ Chuck
(1)  Turret Lathe, 10″ Chuck

Layout Equipment

(2)  ELM Systems CMM

Water Test Equipment

(2)  Large Dunk Tanks

Wash Equipment

(1)  Aquamate Casting Washing Machine