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Expertly Manufactured Rough & Machined Aluminum Sand Castings

Whether you require rough aluminum sand castings or CNC machined complete castings, Tazewell Machine Works delivers exceptional American manufacturing with ISO 9001:2015 certified quality. We have over 75 years of expertise in the production of specialized aluminum sand castings for a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • Water-Jacketed Risers
  • Commercial Cookware
  • Air Transfer Pipes
  • Oil Pans
  • Covers
  • Fuel Manifolds
  • Explosion-Proof Electrical Covers
  • Explosion-Proof Electrical Boxes
  • Water-Jacketed Exhaust & Crossover Manifolds
  • Gearbox Housings

Expert Design Assistance for Your Custom Aluminum Sand Castings

We do not design our customers’ castings in-house. However, we do offer expert design assistance at no additional cost, helping you to optimize your prototypes for streamlined manufacturability before finalizing your casting design.


Quality Aluminum Castings Backed by the Finest Pattern Shops in the Industry

Tazewell Machine Works, Inc. utilizes excellent, reputable, progressive pattern shops that we consider to be partners, not suppliers or vendors. We work closely in collaboration with both them and our customers to deliver a full range of efficient pattern-making and casting services with unbeatable turnaround times and ISO certified quality.

Some of the advanced design and pattern-making services we deliver through our collaboration with innovative pattern shops include:

  • Jobs that require new patterns
  • New or revised models
  • Engineering changes
  • Pattern rigging & refurbishing
  • Design & redesign of aluminum sand castings

Quality Is Cast into Every One of Our Products

Tazewell Machine Works strives to establish lasting results-driven partnerships with all of the businesses who rely on our quality aluminum casting services. We cater our diverse range of manufacturing capabilities to the unique needs of your business in order to cultivate a long-term professional collaboration, providing you with the most efficiently manufactured products on the market.

With over 75 years of leading results in the rough and machined casting industry, we take pride in delivering the ISO-certified products that your business requires.