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Cleaning Room Equipment

Cleaning Room Equipment

Aluminum ingots color-coded to TMW specifications.

“Large” pattern vault


ISO Certified Foundry Services – From Molding & Casting to Production

At the heart of Tazewell Machine Works’ industry-leading aluminum sand casting services is our ISO certified foundry and machine shop. Added to our range of facilities in 1964, our 116,000 sq. ft. foundry is outfitted with some of the precision molding and casting industry’s most advanced manufacturing equipment.

As with all of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the Tazewell Machine Works foundry is streamlined for maximum production efficiency. Combined with our precision CNC machine shop and aluminum sand casting capabilities, we are capable of tackling prototype runs of over 100,000 units per year while delivering ISO 9001:2015 certified quality and consistency.

Group 2

Outfitted with the Molding & Casting Industry’s Most Cutting-Edge Foundry Technology

Molding Equipment

(1)  BMM  Semi-Automatic Molding Line, 42″ x 24″ Flask Size
      — Consisting of (1) BT7 & (1) CT7 Molding Machines
(1)  BMM Semi-Automatic Matchplate Molding Line, 16″ x 24″ Flask Size
(1)  BMM Cope and Drag Molding Line, 22″ x 36″ Flask Size
(4)  Large Rollover Molding Lines, Flask Sizes from 32″ x 46″ to 38″ x 60″
(1)  Roberts-Sinto FBO III Automatic Molding Line 20″ x 24″ Mold Size

Melting and Pouring Equipment

(3)  2,000 lb/hour “Continuous Pour” Gas Fired Reverb Furnaces
(1)  3,000 lb/hour “Continuous Pour” Gas Fired Reverb Furnaces
(4)  600 lb/hour Gas Fired Tilt Furnaces
(2)  700 lb/hour Gas Fired Tilt Furnaces
(1)  Centralized De-Gas System the serves all of our furnaces
(4)  Gas Testing Machines

Core Room Equipment

(3)  400 Dependable Shell Core Machines
(1)  200 Dependable Shell Core Machine
(1)  Harrison Dual Station 16″x 16″
      Shell Core Machine
(2)  Dependable Mini Mixers
(1)  Dependable Pace Master Mixer
(1)  Kloster Mixer
(2)  Redford Core Blowers
(1)  Gaylord Core Blower
(2)  Kloster Sand Heater/Coolers

Cleaning Room Equipment

(3)  Vertical Bandsaws
(4)  Backstand Grinders
(3)  Burr Benches
(3)  Dedicated Saws designed and built by TMW
(3)  Shot Blasting Wheelabrators
(2) TableBlast; 4′ Table, 6′ Table
(1) TumbleBlast