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Sand Casting Services in Support of Illinois’ Biggest Industries

Foundry work has always been a major player in the Illinois industrial sector. While the state is renowned for its manufacturing industry as a whole, casting is particularly vital – both as a service to end customers, and in support of other Illinois manufacturers.

That’s why the Tazewell foundry specializes in aluminum sand casting services engineered around our customers’ unique requirements and specifications. We’ve refined our casting processes to accommodate complex parts of virtually all shapes and sizes. Plus, with our integrated CNC machine shop, we can take customization and complexity even further with custom machined castings.

Foundry Services for the Illinois Agricultural Industry

From diesel engines to common farming tools to complex earthmoving equipment, Illinois agriculture companies rely on a huge range of quality-built castings. Sand casting is ideal for manufacturing today’s commercial agricultural equipment because the process is extremely effective at producing the large, durable metal parts typically required for the equipment. It’s also a relatively efficient and cost-effective manufacturing option, which is ideal for modern farming operations that need to keep their equipment expenditures as low as possible.

Castings for Illinois Manufactures and Machine Shops

Illinois manufacturers and machine shops have long relied on Tazewell’s responsive casting services. Sometimes we’ll produce parts and sub-assembly components which they will later turn into machined castings or other post-production processes. Other times, we may produce castings for installation within their machines and facilities, such as machine mounts, mounting plates, equipment housings, etc. We collaborate closely with local Illinois manufacturers to develop and deliver the critical equipment they need to provide their services.

Quality Cast Parts for the Illinois Energy Sector

The Illinois energy industry turns to Tazewell’s sand casting services for critical parts and components such as turbine blades, valve bodies, and pump housings. Our sand casting process is an optimal method for manufacturing the industry’s complex designs and robust, large-scale parts from premium aluminum materials. Our foundry helps the Illinois energy industry continually meet the state’s high-performance demands of power generation, oil and gas, nuclear energy, and renewable energy systems.

Quality American Casting Services Since 1945

No matter your industry or product application, Tazewell Machine Works provides superior quality rough or machined castings for the Illinois region and beyond. Located at 2015 South 2nd Street, Pekin, Illinois 61554, our foundry operates with a robust ISO 9001:2015 certified quality control system backed by over 75 years of excellence in custom casting solutions.