General Information


Pekin, Illinois
(Halfway between Chicago
and St. Louis on Route 29)


Plant Size

Modern 116,000 sq. ft. facility
on 10 acres


Alloys Poured

355,356 and 712


Types of Cores

Shell, Alphaset, CO2


Castings Weights

Ounces to over 300 pounds


Flask Sizes

From 16" x 24" to 38" x 60"



Prototypes to over
100,000 pieces/year


Value-added Services

Heat treating, painting, color anodizing, chromate conversion coating, and other services
upon request




























Whether you require "rough" castings or "machined complete" castings, all of the castings we manufacture are aluminum sand castings. Just a few of the types of castings we make are:

Water-Jacketed Risers
Air Transfer Pipes
Oil Pans
Fuel Manifolds
Explosion-Proof Electrical Covers
Explosion-Proof Electrical Boxes
Water-Jacketed Exhaust and Crossover Manifolds

We do not design our customers' castings but do offer assistance at no charge, which might save you money before finalizing your casting design.

We use excellent, progressive pattern shops that we consider to be partners, not suppliers or vendors. We and our customers are able to work closely with them on all jobs that require new patterns, new or revised models, engineering changes, pattern rigging and refurbishing, and design or redesign of castings.

"King Kong" semi-automatic cope
and drag molding line.